Watch out


Keep your heads up at intersections. I watched a guy go through a redlight so deep it was unreal. Near miss with another car brakes squealing, vehicles sliding, un-real. Guy sleepiing in a pickup @ 7:45AM ??? Slow down & look both ways. I feel for you city guys, prolly a little safer 'cause there are so many? You have to watch your own a$$ out there. :banghead:
I live in a small town, No,Work in a small town. I live in the country but in the mornings coming to work if I am on the road about 7:15 I have to be very alert. Most of the people that go around me have an Educator Tag on their vehicle and are women. Maybe they are running just a little late but it's every day. I AIN'T BASHING TEACHERS. My son and daughter in law are teachers and my son and I make sure we leave for work before my daughter in law does.:laugh: Be carefull out there all and have a safe weekend.