Wat Kind of Sliders will Best protect my bike ?


well know that i ha e plenty of information on how to fix my bike i was wonering if anyone would mind telling me the best way to protect it ?

I See very cool looking no cut sliders but im not sure if they actually work , but im afraid f someone cutting into a fairing that if gone trough so much to replace

and wat are stunt cages kinda look like highway pegs on a harley ?


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Get T-rex sliders they are the uncut version but much heavier compared to the ones that need to cut your fairings.

I have a full set of sliders,the fairing sliders,the front fork sliders,rear swingarm sliders, spool sliders and the exhaust slider too.

Can protect against high side and low side too.

Stunt cages are great too,but much more costly.Do a search on the search engine in this website.I believe you will find more information and posts from other members here:beerchug:


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Go with the cage in black. Pretty much complete protection and not all that visible. Justntym had a set on his burgandy '07. Maybe shoot him a PM


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Ace has the racerailz I think, i recall him bein happy with em, or least he hasnt taken em off and thrown em away yet:laugh:


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For driveway tip-overs: any SLIDER (cut or no-cut) is better than none. If you take a spill at speed, a cracked fairing is the least of your concerns.

P.S. Some will chime in shortly that the NO-CUT do not work. But from my own personal experience, YES, the no-cut sliders WORK. You can also ask this guy who had a spill @ 45mph: https://www.hayabusa.org/forum/gene.../73717-t-rex-racing-no-cut-frame-sliders.html