WARNING: Buying parts online

wow.... WOW toad.... WOW.... I was wondering if u had it in ya.... u actually took a stand...… BRAVO.... im surprised and proud of u.... this was borderline confrontational....lol... we love u toad.
Do you see any chinese chit on my bike , just saying what it is I believe in . I always take a stand , but dont get involved in the bullshit , as much as you seem too bro !! :rolleyes::)


Do you see any chinese chit on my bike , just saying what it is I believe in . I always take a stand , but dont get involved in the bullshit , as much as you seem too bro !! :rolleyes::)
u never take stands like that.... ure everyones buddy.... that being said.... welcome to the CBX chitlist.... im the mayor.


You can go cheap on levers or a windscreen!!!

Why would you try to save a couple bucks and risk your engine buying some cheap azz gaskets from joe blow on Amazon???

Honestly this chit cracks me up guys will spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on a motorcycle and proceed to cut their noses off despite their faces to save a few dollars on cheap tires or junk tractor motor oil etc etc. Like if your that hard up for cash as to where $50 is putting you in the poor house maybe this Bike chit ain’t for you......

For what it’s worth I don’t order off Amazon. Everyone I know who does has issues with shipping or the item itself. I order off eBay or I get it online from a major distributor like Revzilla etc. With eBay I file a claim and it’s up to the seller to make it right. I present the evidence to eBay and they can make a ruling and refund my money whether the seller likes it or not. Feedback scores are important because it lets you know the type of person your dealing with. Bad Feeback is a BAD deal no matter the price I’ll skip over them.
Purchases over amazon are protected well. Even better than ebay. Contact amazon about this issue, and send it back. No need for that whole drama!

I am trying to find out how to file a complaint with Amazon and they are not easy people to deal with.
-----just contact amazon. Whats the issue?
When I tried to contact Amazon I was directed repeatedly to contact the seller instead. I had to fake a return on a product that was already returned because it was not done with an Amazon preprinted shipping label. I need to wait one more day (they say seller has 2 days) then I can try to report to Amazon again.


Well now this got involved. It is what it is. If Woody would have gone straight to the police. I bought my set of gaskets from Shintz no problems no issues great product and price break from buying as a kit. Hey sometimes you win sometimes you get burned.


You can buy whatever you want from wherever you want.

Sometimes you get what you pay for!

Too bad brick and mortar is losing ground. Every thing will be crap soon. . .
Are u guys reading this? Brick and Mortar...…… IE...……. PH and boosted are LOSING GROUND.... to support our little community and wealth of information here... 20 YEARS WORTH.... please purchase parts from PH or Boosted…. they can get ANYTHING.. and the price is negligible...please show them the business....

ONLY use 2 places for parts
POWERHOUSE (631) 491 6767
BoostedCYCLE 630 807 9002

tell china to go to hell.... lets keep the org strong.

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