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I got my BDE/Hindle exhaust from Tom @ Veltune yesterday. All I can say is, WOW! My transaction with Tom has been nothing but positive and professional since first contact with him about the exhaust. He done an EXCELLENT job of polishing the mid pipe and can. He has been quick to handle any questions or concerns I have had. The exhuast was packaged in such a way that a new born infant could have survived shipping if wrapped like my exhaust was. It took about 30 minutes to unwrap it all!!! Given how UPS has treated some of my past packages, I thanked Tom out loud after unwrapping each and every unscathed piece.

He even included a tube of WENOL metal polish for maintaining the stainless mid pipe and a length of heat tape just in case I needed it. Above and beyond, in my opinion, and greatly appreciated! I have to say that it seems more and more common these days to find that there are lots of people in business that just don't care about their business or customers. Tom does NOT fall into that category. He is very professional and his concern for customer satisfatcion is evident in every e-mail, phone call, and in the details such as how he packages the goods.

If you're looking for goods or services that Tom offers through Veltune, don't hesitate to give him a call. He's good people. His sponsorship and participation here is definitely an asset to the board!

Thanks again, Tom. I look forward to doing business with you again! :beerchug:
This is worth a
let me add my compliments. i ordered a chain from him about a week or two ago. it was a pleasure doing business with him. very fast shipping, i got the chain 2 days after ordering.
Which chain did you go with? :super: I may do the sprocket mod soon and don't know which one to go with.
Not to be to forward BT but what did it cost to get your exhaust polished? I am considering having someone do mine if I keep it. I did the frame myself but the exhaust with the rivets and end spout takes longer and is more of a pain.
Mine was $75 for the can and $30 for the stainless midpipe. I think Tom added a step in the process of polishing the Ti can and has now went up a little on the can polishing price. The ones he polished before mine had a slight satin luster rather than a mirror finish. The extra step brings it to a mirror finish and looks great. I guess he upped the price a little to cover the time, labor, and maybe extra materials involved in the extra step.

After seeing the results on my can I would definitely pay for the difference for the extra step if it was optional. It looks awesome. As you said, polishing some items is a big enough pain to make it worth the money to have someone else do it. I'd say a Ti muffler is one of those items. I'd figure the nature of Ti means that it requires a certain process to get a mirror finish.

Even if your can isn't Ti, if you want a good polish job on it, Tom is your man. He is apparently as picky (read anal) about quality as I am. That's a compliment, by the way.  

;)  :D

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the chain i ordered was a ek530dr. it comes with 150 links. stock wheelbase only requires 112 links so youll have to cut off the extra. i paid $105 for it.
Is that an o-ring chain? Drag race chain? Too many options available and I don't know crap about what to go with... I guess I better get started doing some research and consulting with some tuners.
Here's a marginal quality preliminary photo of the Glow Job Hindle on my bike. Better ones to come as soon as I can get it out in the daylight. It got dark before I finished today.

Here's a better shot. Still not the kind of photo I like, but at least it's in the sun.

train your bike looks sweeeeeet but plz for the sake of all things holy whack that fender off.....now!!!!