"WarBaby" Project Bike

Brakes... yep, if we're gonna go quicker, we need stronger (and lighter) brakes. Just haven't gotten there yet. :cool:
The swing arm will get an adjustable 0" to 6" stretch to minimize those nasty, ET-reducing launch wheelies.
Very nice.

One more question ,where did you get and how well do the mirrors work for wide fatassed guys like myself ? thanks :D
The mirrors came from Magical Racing in Japan. I like their looks on the Busa but they offer limited rear visibility even when adjusted to the "best" position. I don't really trust mirrors (I glance back often) so it is not really a problem for me but I think it WOULD be for many riders. The carbon fiber finish quality is high but they designed a screwy mounting system that I modified for a more secure installation. They are expensive and have too many issues for the money in my opinion. :eek: