Wanting to ship my bike from Germany to the US... EPA and DOT crap!


Hello fellow busa owners,

Well, I just returned from the states on a 45 day vacation the find out that the individual taking care of my farm has without notice "up and moved" on me. Now my animals are being watched by a neighbor and I must return within 3 months. To beat it all, the person "was" (operative word here) my brother. I no longer have a brother as I know of know one who would do such a thing to another family member. I was paying them 330 a month to stay there, gave them my 70' mobile home and was also paying for their dog food. Whenever they were in a bind with the bills I always paid them. What a **** predicament I am in now. Non the less, I am having to face the reality of moving back to the states earlier than expected and now I will be forced to sell my late wife's car as it is NOT EPA or DOT compliant and it the conversion cost is not feasable.

As for my 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa (German) edition, well it is on the non-conformity list but otherwise can be shipped and converted at a cost of around 4-8k. I am going to do it regardless and if my fellow Busa owners would like me to post all the data and information that I recieve for FUTURE owners abroad or concerned I will do so.

I am saddened but must leave this wonderful country too early, my daughter was/is raised/living here and doing here education and internship with the city of Wiesbaden, Germany. I wanted to be here for her until she finished her internship... not going to happen.

As I mentioned my wife passed away last year (she was German) and it will kill me when I have to say goodbye to her here in Germany. But, I will be thinking of her and my daughter constantly.

So, please let me know if this forum would be interested in hearing about all the nasty details and costs involved in bringing back a Busa, and wish me luck.



Don't get upset, life is still going and after every night comes a new day ) When sun will start rising, you will understand that ;)

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If it's going to cost you up to 8K to convert your busa, why don't you just sell it and buy a used one once you get to the US? You can pick up a nice used busa for 8K.


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first, sorry about the passing of your wife

this is rough news to get right after returning home, hope it all works out...i'm sure there will be someone along sooner or later that could use any info you are willing to share, we try to collect all of it we can to help each other out...thanks :beerchug:
I am on my way to Germany in a coupple of weeks. I got orders to be stationed in Vilseck. I can possibly help get things to you from the states if that would help you with shipping cost. The Army is paying to move all my house hold goods so I can put a few more things in it to help a fellow Busa brother out... exp. on is such need. Message me if i can be of any help.


Ouch that sucks. Why don't you just stay there?
Yeah if you love being there so much sell the farm instead...... If you are gonna come back you are better off selling that busa and just buying another here and saving alot of $$$. Just remove all the aftermarket goodies you got on that 1 and put em on the new busa you buy over here. With sum searching and a little luck you could probably find the exact same bike/color minus the $8k increase


Hey everyone, damn I did not see any of these messages. Thanks for all the input but this is and original 1999 European version 320km on the speedometer AND it was paid off by the insurance when my wife passed away. So, not only do I love this bike but it is also more valuable to me than selling it and getting another in the states(btw, I have another 2006 on my farm). I have recieved the letter from Suzuki telling me what needs to be replaced and to be honest I have almost everything here EXCEPT the (ECM part number 32920-24F20, the OEM Headlight, OEM tail light, OEM exhaust cans and OEM light switches for the handle bar). So, it isn't that bad. If I can get these items, install them and then ship my bike, it will only need the inspection to verify that the parts are installed and with the LETTER there is NO testing of the emissions. So, I could in theory get by with 2,000-2,500. Plus the shipping which is 1,160 dollars if I drive to Bremenhaven.

If anyone has extra parts and would not mind shipping to my APO, I would pay for it... Thanks everyone for all the advice. I love this forum! :-)

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