Wanting a busa


Iam looking at maybe getting a Busa, everyone that I talk to (people that don't have bikes and are scared of them) tell me that iam to small for a Busa. Iam 22 6'1" and 165 pounds. I have ridden one that was lowered and extended swing arm and loved it. I have jet skies that are very highly modded, and go at an average speed of about 70-73 which is hauling on the water. I also use to race motorcross when i was little. What do you think, I want to know from people that are not scared of bikes and who own them. Should I start off small like an r1 or r6, Or just go for it on a Busa?
Size wise you sound ok, would depend on your strength. I'm 6'2", but quite heavier at 195.

Is this your first bike?

If its your first, I'd recommend something a little less powerful. Speed on the water is a different creature than speed in a corner on a machine who's resting position is off its wheels.

I've only been riding a year and a half, and the Busa is my second bike. I started on a 600, and am very glad I did. It was plenty fast, but those first few months I made some mistakes, and the bike forgave me. Now, I feel quite comfortable on the Busa.

Just my input.
Your size is fine I am 6.0ft tall and lighter then you..
I started out on a Yamaha V-Star 650 rode that for two years
before i bought my first sportbike the Busa.
I wanted a sportbike but I also wanted somthing I could spend a few hours on without getting all cramped up or stiff so the Busa was the only choice in my mind.
Just respect the bike and you should be fine dont try anything to risky untill you have a little more experience...
:whip: SIZE what have they been smokin' i'm 5'8" and 146 pounds and i handle the beast just fine. I reckon the power to weight i get is a bonus. Poor 200 pound + blokes


Size is not a problem. I know a a 40 year old woman who is 98lbs 5ft. She has been riding for 20 years and has had the bike up to 199.5.

Now since you asked, start with something less powerfull. You will want to try the poweer because it is there. Learn how to control a street bike. It is diffeent from a dirt bike and power boating. I would start with a 600cc.