want to introduce my self (new member here)

Hi, my name is Lew. I am new to the site and just joined today. I receintly bought a 2008 black B-King that has very low miles. In my opinion the bike is the best bike I have ever owned. I have a 2007 919 honda that the B-King is replacing. The new ( to me) b-king is truly a awsome bike. I am looking forward to learning about the bike here and meeting and making new friends. I live in Lufkin, Texas. I love God , I love my family, and I love the good ole USA. I hope to be a positive addition to the forum and hope to help you all out when possible.
this is my b-king. it is pretty much stock except for 2 bros. carbon cans and fender (tag and tail light) upgrade.
Thanks for letting me join, Lew

my new bike.jpg

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