Want to go through the bike mechanically, but need some technical help


So i bought the 08 that i have now, used. It wasn't treated well for it's first 3k miles, and i'm trying to make up for it. I guess i don't really know how it was treated, but when i got the bike from the dealer (it was shipped to me) the rear tire had been roasted off. Didn't realize thats why it was bald until i did my first detail and found melted rubber all over underneath.

That being said, i notice it just doesn't run as smooth as i would think a new bike should. I have 3 weeks of vacation coming up, and i'd like to do a thorough "going-through" to see if i can't smooth out the idle, improve on the power/ feel of it, and get it to tip top shape. Soooo...

What should i look for/ check out? This isn't my first busa, but my first was a first gen. so not sure of all the differences yet. IE, does it have dual fans up front? i know that was a popular mod to the first gen, but i haven't had time to even look. the bike only has 3700 miles on it... but i was thinking checking the filter, the plugs, change the oil over to synthetic, and check all the other levels... but this being my first indepth adventure into a motorcycle instead of a car, what else... it's stock outside of electrical and appearance mods.

i thought back when i had my 01 gixxer 1k, and wired a dealer switch in, i could adjust something... timing maybe? is that the same with the busa? i already looked into the ecu editor, and will once i go with exhaust, but the bike being stock right now i thought i read it wasn't worth doing.

Would love the help!


If it was treated that bad I would do just about every thing.
Change oil & Filter (Syn is the best)
Change all breaks and check the rotors to make sure that are still good
Maybe invest in bradded line kit
Make sure chain is lubed and in good shape.
Plugs should still be OK
No more miles then that motor and trans should be good. Just the basics and you should be fine. :thumbsup:


any parts that have been replaced such as exhaust chain sprockets etc should be checked, check your chain tension and lube it, check your brakes, check your tires especially rear tire alignment, oil change and my personal favorite is check every single nut and bolt you can get your hands on and make sure none are loose

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The bike may have been babied and one of the techs at the dealer you bought it from did a burnout on it?

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card16969 said:
my personal favorite is check every single nut and bolt you can get your hands on and make sure none are loose

Make sure to do that one. My buddy bought an 02 r1 right before memorial day weekend. I trailered it to where we were camping. He wasn't going to be up there till the next day so I went over his bike. Did alot of small stuff but found out he was missing both upper motor mount bolts. So make sure all bolts are present and tight


sounds great! i appreciate the advice... i do all my own mechanical work, for obvious reasons, and i just wasn't sure the big items to check for. The stealership wants waayyy too much money, and their reputation in town is awful. thanks!

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