Want my cake and eat it too


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Thought I'd share this. My wife had a baby shower recently and one if the girls made her this really cool diaper cake. (I won't be eating a piece of this one). I bought the outfit.





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I've been "kiddingly" looking at little atv's already. She says let her have the baby first...I said, I know I can find one with a remote control on it. LoL


Congratulations to you both, Love the cake,she did a great job. Hi baby,hugs to the new baby..Looks like we may have another Org member. ;):rulez::rulez:pics,pics....:cheerleader:


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Thank you Busamom. We'll post more pics in August...coming up quick~!~:thumbsup:


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put some ketchup on it and it should be edible. the cake that is
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