want a trailer, cant decide which one :banghead:

ok i have a s10 (v6), and i want to get a 6x10 or 6x12 enclosed trailer... my bike is probably 7 1/2 ft from end to end so i think i should get a 6x12 to have space for other stuff, etc.... but there are so many different types out there. v-nose, rounded front..... from u guys that have the trailer experience what do you recommend ?? oh the brakes on my s10 have been upgraded, corvette in the front and z28 discs in the rear, so i should have plenty of stopping power :laugh: .............but any tips would be great, just kinda hesitant to spend 2 to 3 thousand...
I have a 6x10 v-nose and I love it. I can def tell the difference in it from when I was tralier a buddies 6x10 with the flat front. I have 03 Jeep Cherokee V8 and I still felt it. There was enough room in it for me to and things and move around.


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I have a 6x12 v-nose...14' to the tip of the V... I can easily haul 2 busas and lots of gear. I can even get a 3rd Busa in if needed. I've pulled it just fine with either a Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 or a Tacoma V6
V nose is definitely the route to go for gas mileage. I prefer the V-nose with a front door. That way you can ride it in and ride it out.


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I have a 6x12 Haulmark 2500 pounds(LOWHAULER) so I can park it in the garage.. with Baxley Chocks. Trailer fits two bikes I also tow it with a Nissan Murino not pictured..

That is nice! Your trailer is going to look bran new to the second owner if you ever do decide to sell it! Must be nice to park the trailer in the garage. How many garage spaces do you have at your home? Or is the trailer parked in a detached garage/shop?

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