Wanna be Newbee


I'm am getting closer and closer to getting a busa. Just need to finish school and get going in the Fire Academy. Is there anything I should know before getting my busa. I am 23 and a big broad shouldered guy and just look kinda goofy on the other bikes like the 600's and 750's. I have been wanting a bike since I was in the 6th grade. The day to have one is right aorund the corner.

What kind of experience do you have riding?
Same rule for little or big guys : Start on something small even a moped is ok to get the balance and feel... work your way up from there. Honda night hawk, Buell blast ... even he 600's have a lotta balls so be careful. And deffinately take the motorcycle safety class. Finally enjoy the ride, its all good!
HAve you ever ridden a bike before?
If not my advice would be sign up for the Riding Course by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation...develop some skills and confidence and then pick abike you are comfortable with.. You can read all the pros and cons on a busa as a first bike on one of the other threads.
You can easily look big and goofy on any bike, it just makes it worse when you make a mistakes, look like an idiot, and cost yourself a few hundred dollars when you do make mistakes. It doesnt sound like you have any experience and you also seem really concerned about looks, gotta look cool. So if you in it to show off and have a crowd, get a GZ250. If your cool and controlled, learn quickly, and wont care what people think about you, get whatever you want. Know yourself before you get on a bike.

Later you will probly find this thread in the First-Time Void
Take the safety class then go buy an older learner bike. With an older bike you can resell it in a year or so for what you bought it for, and it doesn't hurt so bad if you scratch it a little.
Thanks for all your feedback. Yall are right and I don't have much experience. I am just anxious to get one and I want to learn from the people that know what they are talking about. I do want to take that riding course, and will start with something a little smaller. Thanks again.
Start with something with less power not nessisarily smaller. the most importnat thing is try out different feel in bikes. get something that feels good for you. Tons of good bikes and some good deals.
If you want a big bike, but want to LIVE... get a cruiser... not a sport bike. learn the clutch, balance, and basics, then work your way to the busa from there...
Hey if you want a REALLY COOL Older Bike look for A Suzuki RF 900..... One of the sexiest bikes ever made, and about the same size as a busa.
The Busa is definately not a bike for the beginner.
Try something a little smaller first.
You want to be around for a while don't you?
Remember this: First you get good, then you get fast!!!!!