Waiting for the shoe to fall (stomach virus)


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So, my daughter has a friend over for a sleepover Friday night....Everything's fine, UNTIL:

- About 9 PM she overflows the toilet downstairs. Happy Happy Joy Joy I get to go clean THAT up....

- About 4 AM she gets sick, pukes up her dinner all over my daughter's bathroom (wife gets to clean THAT up)..

- Find out in the morning that the girl's mom was also sick puking overnight, and that their son had been sick two days ago. Apparently there's a fast-action stomach virus going around...

Supposedly incubation time is about 48 hours. No doubt we have all been exposed. So now we are playing the waiting game. So far so good, but we've got about another day or so before we'll know whether we got lucky or not. While I sure don't want it, I'm especially worried about my daughter has we have to get her medicine to supress her immune system because of her JIA...

I don't think I'll be going very far from home today....of course tomorrow (1st day of month and a busy workday for me) I'll pretty much have to work...
I am fighting it off now, picked up this little gem while at Moms for Thanksgiving. Just home from the the pharmacy getting theraflu and mucinex. yeah.
Get a box of the emergency packets vitamin c from the story and start on them quick. Those help alot.
hope none of you catch it! :flush:

sorry to hear that, TTV! i would bring you some soup if i was closer...of course, i would just ring the bell and leave it on the doorstep :laugh: hope you get feeling better quickly :beerchug:
Your only chance is to pickle the virus...start drinking now...:)

Good luck man, stomach bugs suck.
Had something like that roll through my family. Daughter had it last week and wife got it Friday morning. She got to eat her Thanksgiving meal but had to taste it again as it was making its way out. It is nasty for sure. Hoping I do not get it. Good luck, hope it doesn't get ya!
Since you live in Tn, I highly recommend moonshine if going the alcohol route.
Ughhh...that sounds miserable :(

Hope everyone escapes the bug!

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Well, it is now over 48 hours and none of us are sick (yet) knocking on wood...at least let me get thru today!