Vtec interceptor or hayabusa


Hello everyone. I'm new here. I've been doing my homework before deciding on a new bike. First bike was a Honda Pacific Coast. Current bike is a green ZRX1100. I like it. Strong and comfortable, even 2up, and it looks unique.

I always wanted and Interceptor ever since the first 750 back in 84. But they are pricey. The Interceptor costs almost as much as a Hayabusa, and almost as much to insure in my area. My carrier classifies the Interceptor as a sportbike, so it gets the premium.

Interceptor owners brag about quality and character, but I wonder if my money is better spent on the Busa. Unless I'm lying to myself again, my next motorcycle will be my last bike purchase (college age kids soon.).

Is the Busa a better buy for the dollar? Is it comfortable for a passenger? Give me your (mostly) unbiased opinions! *smiles*
Well I am busa a little busa biased for the Hayabusa. I think that busa some people try and busa use subliminal busa messages to try and busa get you to sway their way. busa

I like the busa Hayabusa myself...

It won't be your last, those kids have to graduate sometime.

Articles on the Vtec interceptor are not real favorable, not bad but not ral great.
The most recent article I read on the interceptor was not great. Something about a bike with linked brakes and ABS that just takes away from it for me.

In 2002 it also got heavier.

To me, and of course I'm here so biased, the busa is where its at.


PS. Get the busa
Let's do a comparison on Paper.

Interceptor- 9,999 (10,999 with ABS)

Engine type
Busa- 1298cc liquid cooled transverse, 4 stroke 4
Interceptor- 781cc liquid cooled 90 degree V4

Busa- Electronic fuel injection, 46mm throttle bodies
Interceptor- Electronic fuel injection 36mm throttle bodies

Busa- 158hp, high 9 sec quarter mile
Interceptor- 95.5hp low 11 sec quarter.

Performance bay not be the only thing that your looking for in your bike, but hell, the busa is just impressive! and you can't deny those sexy looks! In my opinion, there is no choice. These bikes are in two different classes. Busa wins hands down
Thanks so far folks. There aren't many twisty roads here in South NJ, so much of my time is spent on the highway. Longest riding day so far is 150 miles roundtrip to work in NYC and back home. All highway on the NJ Turnpike.

I must say that nothing out on the street looks like a Busa, and that is the way I'm leaning!

sounds like you and I ride similar road types. I was considering the Gixxer 750 or the Busa.

I went with the busa for a number of reasons, looks, power...but not the least of which was the fact that I would never really use the Gixxer around here. There are some twisties, but I'm FAR from exceeding the handling capabilities of the Busa, and I also get everything else...the power, looks.
Don't be mistaken, the busa can handle the twisties very well. All it takes is the proper suspension settings, tires and lots of practice (and whatever else between your legs
). With the right riders, only on the track will you notice a lag between it and the liter racers, and not that much of a lag, either.
I will own a VFR, soon. I ave an 02 busa. Last bike was cbr1100xxblaCKBIRD. aLMOST BOUGHT THE VFR INSTEAD OF THE XX. once i had the xx, I had to have a busa. Busa is awesome. I think after a your big green machine the vfr's power will not be up to par. however the vfr has to be one of the most comfortable and beautiful bikes on the planet. "most capable sport tourer ever built" Question is, how much "sport" do you want in sport toring. In my opinion I would buy a vfr if it was twice the price of the busa.Don't get me wrong, I don't thimk i'll ever sell the busa, but dammit i must have a vfr.
Two guys that ride with us have VFR's, and they are really nice bikes. Incredibly confortable and one of the best looking bikes ever built. The performance of the VFR is more in line with the 600 class bikes. My wife has an R6 and it is faster than the VFR but you really have to work hard at it. I much prefer the VFR to any of the smaller cc race bikes. The Busa will out accelerate the VFR on straight roads (of course) but there is not a lot of opportunity to do that with the traffic in this area. The comfort of the VFR is like a Busa with Heli bars and a Corbin seat. Both will hold their value very well. It all depends what kind of riding you want to do. Both will do 200 mile daily trips with ease. I would also love to have a VFR in the stable.
Vfr hands down on comfort with or w/o passengers . It all comes down to perfomance . I had a 85 interceptor and almost got one but I realized it was to slow for my likes . I'm not aspeed deamon butmy 750 gixxer gotto be a slug after a year . I got my Busa last week and i'm very impressed . The comfort isn't bad at all so far . I plan on going cross country this year on it and al I drive is bikes year round . The VFR is a beutiful bike but for the money , looks , performance , speed , I'v got to say " BUSA " . Test ride before you make up your mind or you'll be sorry .
Because I don't own either, my opinion maybe doesn't hold as much weight. Then again, perhaps I'm less biased?

I've been where you are, looking at the Interceptor. I've looked at many, many bikes over the last year. The Interceptor sits you more upright, of course, and is probably nicer for 300 mile days.

But utimately I've gone back the Hayabusa as my sled of choice, because it's... the Hayabusa. I'm tall, and can sit relatively upright on the Haya.

I really, REALLY like the exhaust setup on the Interceptor. If you haven't seen it live and in person, go have a look. Why can't they do that with all the bikes?

But I still lean towards the Suzy.
Interceptor is a nice bike but it will be many years before it would be rated higher than a Busa. A lot of exta weight for the Vtec which is nice but to small of an Hp gain. maybe once it goes litre plus.
Ok I just finished a 300+ mile ride last week. My bike has the stock seat, but i have heli-bars on it. When i finished i didn't feel any strain or fatigue. The stock seat is comfortable but i'm most likely gonna replace it after this riding season and get a corbin or suzuki gel-- the debate is still on regarding my seat choice.

As for passenger comfort-- every woman I've ridden on the pillion said it was really comfortable, but most of that has been on trips less than 100 miles.

I've owned several bikes but never the VFR, though I like the bike. Dollar for dollar I plucked down the money for the Busa because of comfort, power, and looks.

Not to mention its still the fastest and torquest bike on the street.

By the way Cycle World just did a comparo of the new ZX-12, the Blackbird, and the Busa. Between the Big bikes the Busa was still the Best all around.
These are just the types of replies I'm looking for! I seem to be leaning towards the Busa. The 02 Busa in that Black/Blue color is AWESOME LOOKING!

I also found myself looking at Yamaha's 02 R1.
Well Ya come to the Busa page to ask what we think?
Well I love my Busa. I had a V Max before this and about 5 before that but it would take one hell of a bike to get me away from this one. My wife rode the back of the Busa and did not like it back there. She liked the Max but I only use the Busa for one up riding. Riding one up ya can let the fur fly! My wife is a biker her self and does ride a 2000 Bandit 1200S. What ever ya get if it makes you smile and your heart races ya made the right choice.
I've had a lot of different bikes in my life..ninja 900,gsxr1100,stooped so low to own a kawi concours for five years [40,000 miles] the Hayabusa makes me feel young again . doesn't matter that the pegs are high and the bars low ...horsepower corrupts absolutley...wouldn't trade it for the world! ps the wife likes it back there..got a buddy belt and a corbin with backrest is coming...long live the HAYABUSA
ps 50 years young...eeeeehhhhaaaa..good to be alive.

Neat to keep feeling young. that comes from a 49 year old that feels 24 1/2 when riding.