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Hey all. I havent posted to much here because I own a V-Rod. (Insert Harley Joke here).  Anyways Ive cleared this with MC Mustang before Ive posted. I met him at Thunderbeach in Panama city. A fellow vrodforums member/sheriffs deputy began trail for a Murder Charge today. Could you guys keep him in your thoughts/prayers until he is cleared of his charge. Thanks and Ride Safe. Andy
Murder charge

Just a note to tell everyone here that my murder trial begins tomorrow so I will not be on the forum much this comming week. I wanted to say thanks to all of you - this forum has really helped keep my spirits and my mood up since finding it after Donna got her V-rod in April of this year. For those who may not be aware of my situation, on December 29, 2005, I was involved in a shooting incident while attempting to arrest a wanted, twice- convicted felon on two outstanding felony warrants. After fighting for over two minutes with the supsect (who made several grabs for my duty weapon), he was shot and killed. After a few days investigation by the SC Law Enforcement Division (with no attempt to get a statement from me other than the night of the shooting while I was in the emergency room and sedated), I was charged by the local Solicitor with voluntary mansalughter. Several months later I
was presented with an offer to plea to the same voluntary mansualughter charge, and told if I did not accept the plea my charge would be upgraded to murder. I did not accept the plea offerred and the Solicitor took the case back before the grand jury (which he claims in the local press that he did not do) and got the charge upgraded to murder. I have been very fortunate in that I have had the full support of the Darlington County Sheriffs Office, the SC Law Enforcement Officers Association, and numerous churches and others in the community. My attorneys feel we have a very strong case and I will finally get to tell what really happened that night. I hope to be back on the forum soon and thanks.


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Guys, Andy is a V-rod guy, who wants to ride a 109, deep down. The sheriff's Deputy is a fellow rider, so for me, my thoughts and prayers go out for the truth and justice to be brought forward. Hopefully the trail is swift and decisive.


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Guys, Andy is a V-rod guy, who wants to ride a 109, deep down.[/Quote]


All the members here should start a collection to make up the trade-in difference.

+1 on the swift justice.
I will absolutely put him in my prayers. I hate that this has happened to him. He put his life on the line to keep our country free of filthe and trash and this is how he gets repaid? Our boys in blue, as a whole, are the most selfless, devoted, under appreciated, unspoken heros on the planet. My respect and admiration goes out to those that put on that gun and badge every morning.

VRSC, tell your friend that we thank him for his dedication to his duty, and that we are pulling for justice to prevail!


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...sliding over to the random thoughts forum...

...he's definitely in my thoughts and it's so sad that he's up against those charges given what transpired

...keep us posted please...and welcome to the org...


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Welcome to the Board...
Sorry for your situation...
Fvcking Lawyers are the scourge/scum of the Earth...
I wish you the best, and the scumbag prosecutor who has charged you the worst...
I hope his dog dies, and his wife gives him a dose of the Clap...
The POS, SOB lawyer, ruining a good mans life, for some sort of personal gain...



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Will be praying as requested.... Hang in there you know as well as any that the legal process isn't a quick system but it eventually gets there!


(Devious @ Oct. 03 2006,05:53) I hope his dog dies, and his wife gives him a dose of the Clap...
Better yet a heavy dose of RICIN..

VERITAS will prevail
The solicitor just wants to make a name for himself. For a future bid at Public Office.


Just wanted to let everyone know that the verdict came back not guilty today. Thanks all.

BTW I really like the guy who said hed take the Vrod over the 109 any day.  


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That was fast! Glad things worked out... and that justice showes her face when needed!
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