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Robin was my softball coach when I was just a kid...I lost touch with her long ago until Facebook showed up. Since then, I've watched her do so much for her father while he battles Alzheimer's. She added on to her house so he could move in, she takes him everywhere all of the time. She recently escorted him to his high school reunion; he's 84 years old. She was so sweet when I lost my Dad, showed up with hers to his service to show support...I have watched her care for her Dad and am absolutely amazed at how much she does with him, never complaining about more than wishing he knew all that she was trying to include him in.

If you have just a moment, please vote for her...she's so incredibly deserving. Many thanks!!

Sorry, posting from my phone, so the link may not be imbedded...I'll fix it in just a bit...

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Thanks lil charlie! Really hoping the oRg can help get her up to the top here... :)
Thanks guys! You can vote every day!


There's nothing in this for me...I didn't nominate her, just trying to help her get some deserving votes :)

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