Vortex V3 Gas Cap


Hello again fellow brothers, question for today is this. I've been thinking about buying a Vortex V3 keyless gas cap, but I have concerns
I'm not sure what the caps are made of pretty sure its Aluminum. If they are indeed made from that doesnt that mean that eventually the threads on the gas cap would wear out? I've heard people say thats why not to use aluminum bolts for parts that are removed often. I put gas in my bike pretty often :laugh: Would hate to have the gas cap and the theards eventually wear out after a year or so.

Anyone have any experience with Vortex keyless gas caps?
Anyone know what metal is used in making them?

Worst case I just leave the stock key gas cap on that works perfect. Only reason I want a keyless one is so I can have it completely black.
Thank you all in advance



I guess if the thread wears out than you can always go back to the standard cap. In the meantime you have the cool looking black one which is the one you really want. I live for today and enjoy the life I have. Worry about tomorrow when or if it happens. Life is too short, have fun.


Take the original gas cap apart and have the outer ring powder coated. You just need to remove the roll pin and the rubber vent.


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1-800-440-3559 I could assume so, advertised as lighter than the factory set up. The lock switch can be bought in black as well.