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How good and how loud is the VooDoo exhaust on the Gen 2 Hayabusa? Also how much does a pair cost and where can I get the best deal? You all are da BOMB!!!!.....:beerchug:


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ToBeFast.com Carries them for a great deal...

Voodoo Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa Exhaust 08-09
Voodoo Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa Exhaust 08-09 - Tobefast

VooDoo Custom Sportbike Exhaust for the Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa (08-09). Engineered for the custom sportbike market.

•Utilized stock headpipe.
•Shorty style for maximum exposure of the bike.
•Designed for wide tire & stock swingarms.
•CNC mandrel bent for smooth consistent bends.
•Low restriction custom VooDoo baffle.
•Exhaust is 304 Stainless Steel polished to a show finish.
•Hardware and instructions included.

Tobefast.com Low Price Guarantee

About VooDoo Moto Products: Voo Doo - Voo Doo Industries - Custom Wheels - Sportbike Parts - ToBeFast.com

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I have them and i did pay 500 for them but i think they sound great and look great alot better then hotbodies just my 2 cents but i had no problem with them fitting


no the kickstand dosn't dent the pipe i have a set on my 08 and voodoo gives you spacers to go behind the kickside so it won't hit at all and they run and sound so good my 08 runs like a raped ape :beerchug:

I got mine from Allthingschrome.net. I think I paid $365. They are very loud. I wear ear plugs and it is not a problem. I make Harleys turn around to see what is coming. They sound awesome. You can also get an adjustable baffle for them.

Busa 004 (Large).jpg


You all have some bad A@# bikes!!!!!! I do think the VooDoos are pricey but heck, we only live once so why not. When we die our bills become someone else's problem anyway.....heheheheheh....det45 :thumbsup: :moon:


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I'm shocked how much these things cost :stoopid:

I was just thinking about how much I could charge for a set of CF ones. The problem would be the heat. Plus I'm guessing the consumers would rather have bling than anything else. Maybe glue on some faux crystals or add a LED ring inside the pipe to give it a little glow. Could probably pick it all up at a cost of maybe 40.00 per unit/set and then MSRP them at say 800.00. Anyone interested in these?

For these tips how long is it until they flake or blue?
I have a brand new still sealed in plastic set for sale, They are the voodoo brand powdercoated black. I ordered 2 sets by mistake... thats what happens when you drink and shop online :banghead:... anyways i will take no less than 450 and that will include shipping.:thumbsup:

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