Volvo to Busa Transplant?


Okay, here's the deal. I have been thinking about adding an RCC Stage 1 kit to my 2005 busa for a few years now. I have also been thinking about upgrading my K04 equipped Volvo V50 T5 AWD wagon to a K16 so I can make it a track day surprise at 415 hp. I just had a lightbulb go on in my head under the xmas tree a couple of days ago....I will have an extra turbo after the K16 goes in the Volvo and I was wondering if I can use the K04 with the busa? Is it possible? Is it worth it as opposed to just buying a whole Stage 1 kit with a new turbo? What are the advantages and pitfalls of going this route?

Any thoughts????
In my opinion you would be way better off going with a manufactured kit.

The k04 has a proprietary flange on it, so it's not like you could order a kit without a turbo, and use yours to save a few hundred bucks.

Post people overlook the small things when they think about building a kit, so when adding up initial figures, they see well it's half the cost, until you figure out the rest of the things you need to make it complete, and you end up spending the same as a manufactured kit.

And glad to hear your looking at an Rcc kit as that's all we use here at Boosted Cycle Performance.
I can def back up what Murdered is telling your about cost, building a kit from scratch to a manufactured kit. Building a kit you will have to learn a ton to make educated decisions, and even that is no for sure thing. I wanted to learn turbos inside and out so even though frustrating at times, it worked out for me. Unless you plan on building other turbo bikes or unless you really enjoy being stressed out and trippling your budget lol, I would go with a kit.