Dis in my way!
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Hey guys, just rethinking the way that we are doing things today. Do any of you guys ever go to the vids page? There is no need in having that service up and running for people from the VW and Corvette forums to use.. If you all use it then I will leave it up, if not then I will do something else with that T1

I like em and have seen or downloaded most of em allready. But they seem slower to load than last year.
I don't use it much.
Its slower because there are a million people a day downloading them at once... That is why I wanted to know if anyone from here is using them.. I dont want to be the host of the videos for china and germany.
what other things did you have it in mind for? your private use or something related?

Only reason I ask is that we dont really use it. Maybe could put a chat server on it if you are still interested.
I'm new here but, I used It just once on sunday. And couldn't believe that a civic would beat a vette. I would hav put money on that race. 1st time user and plan to go back..

Just my 2 cent
Hey Cap' I have dial up ..just to slow..I would wanna check them out..if i had cable or something..Still love this site..
Ive seen all of the movies already and the one that I realy want I can seem to seem to download fully so its kind of a waste, I like the page but I dont seem to use it as offten as I once did.
I have gone there, but it is so slow to download and I am on a T1. If you could get them to download faster I would look more often. You might be better moving it into the board so it will be more visable.