Victim of Hit N' Run


Yesterday going through downtown L.A. on 101 fwy to Hollywood, right before 110 Fwy Interchange. White Toyota Camery with gold trim letters, lic plate 3LCL633 or 3LCL663 lane changed into me on my clutch side. I felt his tire on my left boot, knocked me to the right a bit and I throttled out. Wobbled a bit and regained control. I slowed in front of him to try to get him to pull over, he just changed lanes to try to slip out from behind me. I changed in front of him again, waving for him to pull over, he changed lanes back. I was not going to play chicken with him anymore. I slowed to let him pass and caught all the juicy details about him.

I have uninsured motorist and I was able to id this son of a b*tch, so I called in to my insurance and filed a claim. Adjuster should be calling me Monday afternoon.

Damages are mainly cosmetic, as you can see below, that's his white paint on the scratches on my clutch side OEM can, also a little bit on the front cowl. That's from me throttling out of there, because I didn't know what's behind me to get out from this idiot that route. What's not pictured is that after a day of riding now, I believe my clutchside foot peg bracket is slightly bent because I'm feeling more vibration and shaking on my left foot than before.

Funny thing is when I asked the girl at the insurance taking my info should I file a police hit and run report, she said it was up to me. But after talking to a couple of bikers at Cal Coast Motorsport, they correctly pointed out that I should so it will sent message to this as*hole to be more careful of, and respectful of bikers.

Called CHP and they said it is definitely a hit and run from what I described and I should ride down to my nearest CHP station come Monday to file a report in person and so they can take pictures.

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, especially in this crazy L.A. traffic with all the idiots. I'm just glad that it didn't happen with me actually going down off my bike on the freeway. This is the second time I had a zero inch, full contact incident, and (knock on wood, hard) I didn't go down. I think that's a testimony to the stability of the Busa in hairy situations like that.



Plus at the end of the day, someone pointed out a dry wall screw in my rear tire that's about 5 weeks old! What a bad day it was yesterday. Luckily the guy that spotted it was Paul of Bike Performance in Oxnard and he plugged it for me and didn't even charge me a dime! Even though I offered him the $20 bill! He's got my business for my next tire change and purchase even though he's $20 more than Chapperal's. Plus, his mounting and balancing of a tire from riding it in is only $25!!! All in L.A./Ventura area, please give Paul a shot, he's on Savier in Oxnard.

Pic of front cowl



Oops. that's was a close up of the can. You can see that as*hole's tire mark just below the white paint.

Here's the cowl.



man seeing those i am really gettin scared of our freeways there just glad to hear your okay...i think we have to go and look for this guy ourselves...he he..what do you say?? damn...all in all..i hope you get her fixed soon and get back ridin in the saddle...good thing she held up during the hit, cuz you know how our freeways are.keep me updated...


SoCal Busa
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Bro I'm so sorry to hear about this. I would definately file a report against this individual. Just glad that your ok


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id take the cop route and not screw with teh insurance much is your deducable. im asking casue you can get a stock can for cheap and maybe buff out the paint but this is jus a suggestion


Group Buy Guy
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Things like this make me very angry!!
Glad your ok and you have insurance...... My suggestion would be to file a police report in addition to your insurance claim! Explain the driver hit n run...


You're very lucky. You need to burn this a##hole so he or she realizes that they have NOT gotten away with it. Might make them just a bit more careful for awhile.


Still got love for ya's...
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Very glad it wasn't worse then it was~ Definitly let the local authorities get his arse! Chicken chit bastid needs more then what they will do anyhow..


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Had a similar run inwith a truck here in El Paso

I called El Paso's finest and gave them the details down to his wheels and tire size.

They asked how I got so detailed description, I followed him for about 6 miles and wrote all the details on my Uniform sleeve (BDU's) and tried to get him to stop. He stopped but would not roll his window down or hang the phone up, I just yelled I was calling the police. El Paso's finest called me back and said they had him under arrest, asked me to ID the truck... No problem, they charged him and such. Not sure what he got but I know it would have been better to pay my $20 fee for the touch up piant... LOL


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Glad to hear you walked away... now file that report, maybe this time the cager will get some heat from their insurance company and the police... then again maybe not. you know how the system works.


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Glad to hear that it didn't end up worse. Definitely file a report, and make him realize exactly what he did.


how did you case get scratched?
When he closed in and made contact with me, I throttled out. Seem more like he was trying to merge into my space rather than bumping me out. So that's my can scrapping his passenger side as I was throttling out to escape. Better than falling behind not knowing what's behind me.
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