Is it just me or does the busa vibriate more after 1200 kilometers dont know if it just me or does someone else think that the bike is vibriating e specelly when you are closing the trottle rund 5000-8000k?
this can just ben me but i dont recall the bike to be vibrations on it.
sorry for the por inglish but please help.
I have 14,000 miles on mine and I don't have any vibrations other than the normal engine. You might want to take it to a Suzuki shop or a well know mechanic and see what they say. Because it can be just about anything.
pppuuuuhhhhh when the head goes dumb the body suffer he he he he i found the problem a friend of my told me to lower the front by losen the bult for the fork and lower it 4mm.
the problem was that when the fork got to the bottom of steeringbraket you dident have any rubber that took up the vibritions so when the forks was up in the steeringbraket the vibrations got throuth out to the handlebar and thats my problem now i have put the forks back to normal posision and now more vibrations in the handlebar.
Thanks for the replys and have a great summer.

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