vent screens


Hey everyone I did the screen mod for the vents on my bird today! I put the chrome lookin screen on. In case you don't remember I have an 02 silver/grey bird. I think it looks great! I do have a question though for those who have done this mod already. The small holes in the fairing down by the exhaust header is drawing my concern. Will the heat from the header affect the silicone that I have attaching the screens to my bike?

That looks great! Where did you buy the screen material?

I have something similar on my C5 to mimick the ZO6 screening but it came in a kit. The screens in the kit had small blocks of acrylic that had a screw on one end to attatch to the screen and double sided tape to attatch the acrylic block to the vehicle. It's been in place for a year and hasn't moved.

I would like to try this but I'm not sure where to start looking for the screen material.
Yeah man that looks clean as heck! Very nice touch...mess around and the whole board will have some vents on their stuff! hehe
I got the idea off this very website. I picked up the screen material from autozone in the sport compact isle. It comes in blue, red, and silver. I think it comes in a strip measuring 12 by 48 inches. Others on this board that have done it said that it is enough to do 2 bikes but I messed up and don't even have enough to start on another bike. I only hope that the header doesn't set the silicone on fire. I don't think it will. Anyway, thanks all for the compliments!
I haven't had any problems with mine! So you should be fine.......... (100% silicon). BTW Busa looks good!
Killer Bird 1300.....very killer.
Yer gonna give Iced some ideas......he has the same color.
You know... I was staring at that picture for about 5 minutes thinking how awesome that looked and was trying to figure out when i could do that mod on mine. Then I scrolled down and saw your post MSF... Read me like a book!

So many things to do... Looks awesome bird1300!
I know what your next mod is going to be

I'll keep it on the down lo Pimp. I gotz me a strong protege here Playaz look out (bird1300) .

With all these fine azz lQQkn bikez I've been seeing here lately we gotta have a Playaz Ball . Nutn but Pimp out Busa .
Whoz down with dat?
Very nice Bird!!!! I used silicone also and haven't had any problems yet!!! Looks good on the 02 Silver!!!


Yeah man that looks clean as heck!  Very nice touch...mess around and the whole board will have some vents on their stuff!  hehe
Bird is right....a bunch of us have done this mod now. But I am going to try to give credit where it is due. The very first person I can recall showing this mod was the one and only Gixx1300...the master craftsman in Florida. I don't know if he was the first ever, but he sure got the ball rolling here and on a couple of other webs.

So far, I think I am the only one to use a color other than silver. Perhaps red is ugly, but I love it...and get a ton of compliments every single day.

BTW, if you are using silver, a lot of people are getting screen cheap from Home Depot. Look for rain gutter screens.

I'm with Thinker on this...i think it was Gixer1300 who did it first.

I used silicon and some jb weld...nothing has melted or caught fire
My first time was last year at the Biker Round Up in DINN Widdee VA.