Venom GT 0-265 MPH in 2 miles......Fastest Production car Top Speed 265.7


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Amazing car and I'd to have one, BUT, its a tuner car. A car based on something else with a motor show-horned into it. Nevwrming the 5 or 29 made, Hennessey is a hot rodder, a good one, but, still, not production car.
Plus, I didn't see a Hennessey yesterday, but I did see a Veyron, tho it was the weak base model. :rofl:



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Zero to a quarter in two miles! Wow!
Video says Veyron took four miles to achieve its max.
That's an impressive difference. I bet that thing is alot less than a Bugatti too!

Visor up!! Driver was as calm as could be like he was cruising down the hgwy.


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Than a Bugatti Veyron? Koenigsegg Agera R - CAR and DRIVER - YouTube[/url]
Agera R - 402km/h fly by on the Nurburgring! - YouTube[/url]
Agera R - BRUTAL ACCELERATIONS + Backfiring! - YouTube[/url]
I like this Twin Turbo V8 Super Car too! Its just Raw!


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the bugatti is nice, very nice and very refined. The Venom looks nice, is blazing fast and likely no where near as refined.

The bugatti runs on tires specifically made for it and only it. They cost north of 30k USD for a set and do not last long. I've not heard of the venom's tire setup but suspect they run on something pretty high end but not nearly the same price point.

I would own both if I could, though I suspect if I could own the first, I would be able to own the second. I would say the converse of that is not necessarily true. I doubt most venom owners could afford a veyron. That said I really wish I had either problem :laugh:


Not taking anything away from the Venom Gt , but I think the Veyron is an engineering master piece and the standard by which every other hyper car is measured.

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