velocity stacks


i was told you can take out the 2 long velocity stacks in the airbox and replace them with 2 short ones to get a couple extra HP. is this true? are there any disadvantages to this...i mean why wouldnt suzuki do this to start with?
Stick with what you have, if the engine is stock.

You'll produce the best all around horsepower

Keep the stock set-up unless or until you change cams.

Think of it this way; Stock stack 4 stock and all 4 short if it's built.

Then, you'll receive your gift of 4 hp(-/+)!

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However leaving alone if stock bike is correct. It also matters on how you wnat to ride, on the bottom or on the top for speed.
im into drag racing my what do i need to do..i have a full airbox mod. i have 3 choices: leave it alone, put in 2 short stacks, or put in 2 large stacks. let me know what to do.