Velocity Stack upgrade?


I have a 08 Busa that I am slowly modifying. I plan to keep her mostly stock:rofl: but 2 mods I am definitely plan to do are stacks/filter. Has anyone done the stack upgrade yet? Is it as easy as the manufacturer says that it is? I have already done some minor tinkering around with my Busa so I am familiar with the basics to the project but anyone who has completed this job and has the pics would greatly assist me in my journey:please:


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It's a very easy mod. If you know how to remove and install your airbox you can do it. :thumbsup:

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Does this mod do anything for HP or acceleration (even just seat of the pants)?
Also how does it actually work to help performance?

Thanks in advance.


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For a street bike it probably wouldn't be worth your time. Based on the testing I've done, it moves the power band up just a hair in the rev range so it will hold peak power to red line with a good exhaust like Brock's. Depending on your setup or riding style you might see a few MPH in the 1/4-mile and 1-mile racing.

This is with the cheap GSXR1K stacks; I don't recommend the high dollar aftermarket aluminum stacks since they've shown to loose power on a basic bolt-on bike. With a big bore you might get a lot more but not on a stock engine from what I've seen.

Every bike/setup is different so all you can do is try them and let us know how your testing goes... ;)

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