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I've heard Kansas is rather expensive when it comes to tagging a vehicle. Case in point, my bike. It cost me roughly $125.00 a year for a normal tag (nothing custom, just plain old random numbers and letters). My 2001 HD1500 Chevy 4x4 was another $425.00! And then they sock me another $150.00 a year for each of my two jet ski's...................What gives? Whats it like in other states?


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Jackson, TN. it's 24 bucks for the state and 15 bucks for the city sticker...Those rates vary by county...I think it's another 25 bucks for custom plates...


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I'm starting to see a pattern here. I'm Getting ripped off in Ks! It cost me around $850.00 a year to tag all my vehicles..........
My busa was a $202 for last year in Colorado (for its first year.) It will go down a little every year from now on. It was another $315 for my other 2 cars. Remember, if you itemize your deductions on your taxes, you can write the taxes you pay for your auto registration off. I just found that out thios year. It helps lessen the blow some.


I'm starting to see a pattern here. I'm Getting ripped off in Ks! It cost me around $850.00 a year to tag all my vehicles..........
KS you're not alone. It may not be as bad as yours but it still sucks.
2001 Tahoe 4x4 Tag 20 Tax 247.60 Total $267.50
2000 Busa Tag 20 Tax 74.53 Total $94.53
1986 18 1/2' Boat Property Tax $52.77
1985 Boat Trailer Tag 12 Tax 2.48 Total $14.48
Total $429.28


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Don't have to do my tag but once every four years ($38) on my Busa. $120 every 2yrs on the Suburban and $70 every 2yrs on the Grand Prix. Actually, I think that the price will go up for the SUV's this year. I'm not due again until 2004 on both vehicles and 2006 on the Busa.

<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:indigo'>Hey ks....

Just tagged my 03 busa at a whopping $215 for the year.
My wife's 02 GpGTP cost a meager $320 for the year
, and my 02 Yukon 4x4 got me for a butt chewing of $583
. I was always fortunate on hiding the PWC when I used to have them. Now the state wants to raise the taxes to help get the money back that they are missing. Where did it all go?
I'm wondering when they are going to tax me for the 6' x 10' enclosed trailer that I have. That's not an easy one to hide eh'...........


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I just got mine its 75 after all the crap they put on . But I sure am glad I don't live in Kansas


Wow!!! That is alot, I live in AZ, if I wasnt in the military I would be paying compairable rates as you. I only pay about 17 dollars a year for tags. I had one of my vehicles titled in mine and my wifes name(it had currently been running tags from Kentucky)and I decided to put AZ tags on it and it was going to cost $284 which I would only get 1/2 exempt(since my wife was not military) for being military which brought the cost down to 142 dollars. Needless to say we still have Kentucky tags $17 to renew. The states with high rates like that is because they look up the cost of the vehicle when it was new and charge you tax for your tags on that amount and that is why it should go down a little each year because of depreciation. FYI any other military out there: I did not pay sales tax for my bike either (02 Silver/Grey, you know the fastest color)for being military, if you register it in different state than you live you can avoid the 7-9 hundred dollar sales tax, check with the DMV in the state that you want to register in.(You must have some ties with that state though ie. Home of Record or maybe a relative that will let you use their address..........Good Luck
Wow! I guess when you have to pay super high prices for insurance in Texas, the tags aren't such a big deal.

2002 Maxima - $60 (plus $40 for personal plates)
2002 2500 HD - $70 (plus $40 for personal plates)
2003 Hayabusa - $50 (no plates yet)

I don't know what the tags are for the Jet Skis, but the trailer is like $30 per year.

Yeeeee hhaaawwwww~!!


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Here in Vermont
It is 30 per year for registration
15 for inspection sticker
plus 6% sales tax on purchase price to DMV for first set of plates.
No property tax on Vehicles here.


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WOW..major difference..where we the US...
Nevada socked me 163.00 for the second year of ownership.
Just a random plate..but it's a kinda cool plate....letters and numbers.....No nuthin' ride it like you stole it..but the D.C. deputies will sit in the dark.."LURKING"
Douglas County, NV..with radar..
It's $110 here in MT.  But, my insurance is cheap here...$27 bucks a mos for full coverage $150 deductabile through State Farm so I guess the trade off is good.

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