Vance & hines s4


I own a '99 bronze busa, no mods yet !!
was planing on changing pipes for Vance & Hines S4 bolt-ons, anyone has any experience with them ?
They look cool, but do they perform and is the sound deeper than stock ?
Need advice on other brand bolt-ons any comments ! :argue:
I haven't messed with the exhaust on my 01.. but I did have a vance & hines system on a 750 katana a few years back.

It worked well.. very .. uhh.. "racy" sounding to say the least.. it made that 750 rock. It always got compliments .. especially at 10,000+rpms very SCREAM.. very little Grunt.

I never dyno'd.. so I dunno about HP gains. i'm sure there had to be some just from how much freer the air could move thru the system. Very easy to install.. looked good. worked good, and lasted well.. had it for 4 years.
Hey Gino,

Did you get those V&H S4s yet? I was thinking about getting them too. I'm saving up right now. Just wonderin' how they sound on the 'Busa.

I used to have a CBR900RR with an Erion pipe. I miss the growl!
Hey Guys,
I have the vance & hines S4 bolt-ons on my busa. They sound great, low and throaty, and I get a lot of complements.
Check out the post "high mount exhaust" under Mods. I have some pictures posted there.
Thanx! Looks good. I'm pretty sure that I want to try them too! I just got done painting my pipes low gloss black with manifold paint; I think it will complement these pipes nicely. I've got the LE Black 'Busa and am slowly blacking 'er out!

I'll post proper pix when she's presentable. Sneak preview to the left of me riding a baby wheelie. The only thing more fun than making mods is ridin' 'er!

Thanx for the comments.

RazoRR Out!