Vance And Hines Cs One Header On A Gen 1


Anyone out there try to fit a Vance and Hines cs 1 header on a gen 1 busa? I bought one and it fits fine but my slip on's are to big to tighten up on the header I have 2 brothers slip on's does anyone know if they sell an adaptor or something I can use? Any help would be great I'm trying to get ready for bike week in March


I got the header to fit took it to an exhaust shop and they were able to flare the pipe out to fit but another problem is now my under cowl won't bolt up the pipes are to far back ughhh how much did you want for that yosh system? And any pics? I'd really like to keep the slip ons I just resleeved and put tips on so they look like the yosh R77 but this was the only header I could find that people said would fit


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The problems you're having is why the V&H header is only sold for the gen2.
It bolts to the head and clears the oil pan, but it depends on which mufflers you use as to what problems you have putting it on a gen1.
The V&H header's main benefit for the gen2 was that it replaced the catalytic converter with an H-pipe(and yes, the V&H is stainless steel and doesn't corrode).
The angles of the tail pipes around the pegs is where the change is between the gen1 and 2.
The pipes can be fabbed so the lower fairing will fit correctly.


Ya figured it out they need to move 1 1/2 forward to clear when I'm all done I'm gonna put together a post so others doing the same thing have more info...

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