Valve Noise?


For the last month or so I have been hearing a horrible sound from somewhere around the valves. It's a 2003 'busa. It's been ok because after warming up, the sound goes away. But lately, the sound is getting worse! It still goes away after warming up, but it's just such a nasty sound! I've put almost 13k miles on it in 6 months. It hasn't had a valve adjustment yet. But I've been doing all the oil changes and services every 4k miles at Suzuki. I just wanted to ask you guys if you think this is definitely a valve sound or do you think it might be something else. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately sounds are the hardest thing to diagnos online....... If the sound has been persitant as you described, might be money ahead to have it looked at by a trust worthy shop........ Also, wouldn't this bike still be under warranty?
Yes, the bike is definitely still under warranty. I actually have a 5 year warranty on this thing. So if something is broken, they'll fix it! But some of my friends are telling me that if this is a valve noise (which it most likely is) that Suzuki is just going to tell me I need a valve adjustment and charge me for it! If this is the case, I'm going to just try a valve adjustment on my own and see what it sounds like after that. What do you think?
You can do it yourself, but it takes patients the first time............ Not a bad experience, just make sure and follow the manual. If you run into questions not covered post em here.