Valve adjustment


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My Busa now has 5k miles on it. I changed the oil at 2k to synthetic. Now it is due for another change. I was wondering if the valves need adjusted at this point? If so, is it expensive or could I even consider doing this myself? What else should I consider at 5k?

Thanks! it 16,000 k for the first valve clearance check??
Has anyone had starter trouble with Mobil 1 ,,,,,I have..gotta
put it i gear and bump the motor over..and try again....also once in awhile it kicks back..when the motor starts to fire..starter..goes bam..ugly sound....anyone familer with this subject..please..
Did mine around 18K miles. No adjustment needed. Cost was about $2 for a clearance gauge. No seals need to be changed if done correctly. It takes about an hour to do, first time may take two, most of the work is clearing the way to remove the valve cover (need to loosen throttle cables, remove fairing brackets, airbox, plugs and heat shield).

Most engines I have seen do not need adjustment until about 40-50K, but you should always check it every 16-20K anyway.
Do you not have to pull the plugs in order to rotate the cams.
You rotate the cams manually from the crank. Look at the cover on the right side with the big hex hole. Remove that to access the crank bolt and also see the TDC marking. Use a good light and possibly even a mirror to see the markings on the cam sprockets.

I forget actually, the pressure needs to be released so, yes, plugs do come out... I just don't remember having to remove them, although I did do a leak down test at the same time.... my brain is frying right now.
.... my brain is frying right now.  
I hear you there. It is hot and humid here (34C 43C with the Humidex). I cannot imagine how hot it is there.

25 tommorrow so relief is in site.

Thnx Narcissus...18 adjustment needed, thats great.
Got almost six k now on mine....did ya read my starter motor problem..slips sometimes..and kicks back like the timing is too i live at 5000' shouldn't do that..
can a timing advancer be bolted on a Bus..or only by P.C...
software..the clutch  has to be pulled in to start..neutral map....don't know the history of my Busa......maybe the stock
ecm has been tweeked..dunno..thnx..
A power commander will advance the timing, but only above 3K RPM. It is possible that the maps were adjusted. If you know a shop or someone that has a Yosh box, get them to reset it to a 'zero' map.