Valve Adjustment


I checked the owners manual and the service manual and didn't find any info regarding the timeframe or mileage for a vavle adjustment. Any info guys and gals?
My service manual says every 7,500 miles. My dealer said I shouldn't worry about it for about 10,000 miles.
I read that it was every 15,000 miles. Much like every other suzuki I know including my SV.
Now is the valve adjustment and the throttle valve sync the same thing?:super:?:super:??
nope its not.....and the valve adj. thing, this is from Zook...25,000 km . Thats , lets see...15,000 miles.

Valve adj....lift the lid off and check all yer valves for clearance. These are , if I'm not mistaken underbucket shims. So each valves clearance gets measured , then the appropriate shim is installed .

Throttl sync.... put a guage on each hole and see what vacuum its pulling . Usually you set the carb or throttle body or injector at idle , then at about 3500 RPM , then a bit higher . You try and balance the three out, find the happy medium if you will .

hope this is what you were lookin for.....

have a good 1....RSD.
SO the vavle adjustment is the tappet valve clearance.
yup....valve clearance . There has to be some clearance there , as metal heats , it expands , if there was no clearance , a warmed up engine would not allow the valves to close all the way . In a modern day hotrod such as the busa , this would be bad . Your motor would BURN valves . The ignition of the air/fuel mix in the cumbustion chamber would send burning fuel past the open valve . Bad for the valve,bad for the valve seat . Bad for performance .
If you are going to err , err on the side of thin. Not thick. In other words , you can live with a noisey valve train, your motor wont last long with thick shims and burning valves .
hav a good 1....RSD.