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Hay everybody, its time again for a little break in the work time and time to get out and let the busa out for a walk. Im lookin to go to Las Vegas for a couple of days and then maybe on to Lake Tahoe. Any other ideas would also be takin into consideration for the trip also. The only thing is you have to remember Im in Texas and I want to go some place sweat. I know Im takin the easy way out but I plain on truckin the bike out to where ever I deside to go but I would like to have some friends to go along for the ride. I plain to start my trip sat. the 16th. I know that this is a very short notice but its the best I can do, I talked the boss into lettin me off but this is the only week I could get. So, if there are any takers, PLEASE let me know, and soon.

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