V4 - P O W E R ~ what do you think *

john blaze

Anyways, V4's do have power that cannot be discounted, when I say this I mean, I speak about the older 400cc NC 30's and NC 35's. I've owned a VFR 400NC30 which was blisteringly quick and nimble. I have managed to outrun an R1 around Chapman's Peak in Cape Town through the twisties. Whether or not it was an experienced rider or not, I don't know, it just feels really good saying that I've outrun an R1. Only problem I had was the crank, really weak. I must've replaced it twice before selling to get the 1100 sling but yeah.....Impressive performance from compact V4.


well a V4 is supposed to be the perfect race engine. Compact mass, I line 4 screaming ability, V-twin grunt, and smaller crank. I guess some GP guys are running them backwards to counter gyroscopic effect of wheels. And yeah they sound great. would love to see something like that from Suzuki. probably complicates turbo piping unless the V angle is huge.


First V 4 I had ever ridden was a 1985 500 interceptor ~ it was brand spanking new & I was under 100 pounds *

I could toss that little Honda around ~ like nothing I had ever ridden before !
I had a 3rd generation Magna. Chromed out vesrion of the VF800 engine in a cruiser frame. For it's size, it had good predictable torque and so light to flick around. No land missle but a solid predictable power band. Good torque in a small package.

Kiwi Rider

Back in the 90's I was riding with 4 other GSXR1100 riders/mates, usually going to bike rallies.
There was a trio of VFR750 boys that used to tag along, the most fun was goading them into accelaration runs and wasting them at the 180kmh point right up to 250kmh.
They seemed to run out of steam at 180kmh, but I guess they were only 750's up against the big boys lol.

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