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Hi all,
My first post. Looks like I'm going to be the proud owner of a bike I've dreamed of for years...it's from an estate sale...a late model (07 or 08, will get details this week...been told that it's immaculate). Here's the point of the post.
I know about smooth linear power from my v-rod...good motor and great reliability.....but I don't know much about the Busa other than that "look", which is a head turner everywhere.
What is the stock hp and torque?
I've never ridden a 4cyl...what differences will I notice ?
Thank you for your expertise with this "newbie's" questions.


175~rwhp 104~rwft-lb torque 4s are smooth at idle, perhaps a bit buzzy during certain RPMs. Try the wikipedia article for Suzuki Hayabusa...and hang on to your ass. This isn't going to be your V-Rod (and V-Rods aren't even slow to begin with)


Like stated above... if it's an 08. The 07 will have around 155 hp 99 ft-lb of tq. and the busa is simply the best bike on the planet......:welcome:


Welcome to the .Org Great place, best site by far !! You'll see, you'll be calling these people family in no time !!

And Welcome to a WHOLE nother world !!!


D' Colonel
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:welcome: and when you get back from your first ride you'll be doing two things ::::::::::::::

:laugh: and :cheerleader:


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Your entire perceptions of speed and power will change.

There is "fast" then there is...your jaw drops, you suck in air and still
manage to eek out "holy Sh..." fast.

I ride daily and have had my '06 since around march of that year, over
30,000 miles, however once in a while when it rains on the weekends or
something I may go 3+ days without riding her. Even after a short time
of not riding her and then hitting it, I get the Holy sh... rear end pucker.

Other people will talk fast and you'll smirk inside and you'll talk fast
and they will look at you strange. I remember a couple of buddies at
work walking past me on break, they commented they were taking their
sportsters in to get rejetted for the "screaming eagle" package. Uh...o.k.
why?...that's like putting rollerskates on a turtle. (the whole "screaming eagle"
thing just makes me :rofl:).

BTW - I love the nightrod. That bike has smokin' bad boy looks. I'm a little to
vertically challanged to make it comfy. Pegs seem real far foreward.

The busa is THE TORQUE MONSTER. Any gear anywhere. I read somewhere the
Busa generates more torque at around 2500 rpms than the R1 does thruout
it's entire power band. That what makes the Busa great not only for hittin' and
gittin' but just around town daily riding. Great all around bike.

The ORG. is the best, more knowledge and help than you'll have money for (probably).


And don't forget the :rulez: pictures are a must when you get her.

Jet Li

What is the AWESOME????
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Well, the thing that was immediately imprinted upon my gray matter was how much faster I was getting from point A to point B than was the case on any other bike I had ridden. Crack the throttle and be sure you have enough room. Point is, you can find yourself in trouble a WHOLE LOT FASTER than you realize on the Busa as compared to other rides. It is just so smooth, really you don't realize how fast you are going. JMHO!


Welcome to the org, you will enjoy yourself here.

1st off they do not make any slow motorcycles (they are all fast), it is that some bikes are just a whole faster than others.

2d what you are about to experience is one the (if not the) FASTEST bikes in the world. And I mean this literally. The Hayabusa is listed as the fastest production bike in the world.

Ride with caution until you get the feel of the bike. And when you hammer it hard, be prepared to hang on tighter than you have ever held on to a motorcycle before.

You will experience this and then you will see why very few bikes can run with the Busa's.

Good luck and enjoy (I know that you will).


Welcome to the dark side!

I have a buddy who had a v-rod. I'd compare a full throttle lauch on a V-rod to MAYBE 1/3 throttle launch on the busa. It's a totally different animal. It's got twice the power (probably) of the V-rod and half (probably) the weight. You do the math...=)

You're not gonna regret this decision a single bit. Enjoy! :beerchug:

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