Used to be i'd see a busa a week if i was lucky

here in indy, i swear every time i go downtown for every 10 bikes i see at least 6 of them are busas
its getting crazy. i used to love them cuz not many people had them. but now they are becoming more and more comon sights when driving down the road

which is cool and all, but its just wierd to me i guess

oh well just an observation
I agree with you. My best friend rides a kawasaki (you have to accept your friends even if they have bad judgement in some areas-lol) and and while at the Memorial Day bike rally in Myrtle Beach he asked me if i noticed how many busas were there. I told him i had picked it up as well. But i also told him i think there's an increase because some people had been waiting to see if the ZX-12 was gonna pull through and when it didn't the Busa became the bike to have. The fastest and last of the big bike top speed production bikes. All said and done there's not gonna be anything faster or tougher than a Busa--so now everyone that wants bragging rights has to own a busa, otherwise they just need to keep it in the garage.. cause you know what they say, "If you can't run with the BIG DOGS, stay on the porch!

So the only thing left is to personally customize your busa--- make mine Chrome plz lol


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Ditto here, too. 99's are still a rarity as are 2000's to a lesser extent, but 2001/2002 are practically a dime a dozen. Can't complain, though. The collective knowledge from so many owners is priceless. Plus, the spare parts from wrecked bikes is always a plus.


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You guys should all move out here. Closest Busa is 40 miles in all directions. Don't see many around the cities near me either. You start seeing them when I get close to Boston.

But I have to admit I am seeing more in areas.


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Damn cant say the same here..... I have the only one on the island. about 150,000 population. I have seen 1 on Kauai and 2 on Oahu ( Honolulu ) The only other one on this island is at the Suzuki dealer 02 blue & black. But it is kinda cool having the only one & most riders know what it is and go .... wow!


i've pretty much got the only one in my city.
i see a 99 copper maybe twice a year. and there's a guy with a 01 black/silver (mines 99 black/grey i think, but his color scheme is the opposite of mine) that lives about 300km's away but comes down a few times a summer to ride with some of the guys i ride with. other than that i haven't seen any others, but i'm sure they're there. but noone else in my city rides as much as i do, so everyone knows my bike as THE busa, the '42' on the tail helps distinguish me too

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