Used slip ons


Think it wouild be fun to get a little noise and cool looks. Looking for a good set of used slip-ons without spending a bunch of $$$.

I just sold a set of 2 Brothers (sory) not many miles on them. you should be able to get them for about $350.00 with very low mileage. Someone who is going with full pipes.
Thanks for the reply. sounds like the ones you had were perfect and in my price range. Oh well, I'm sure someone going to a full system will have some slip-ons to dump. Any idea on new ones that look rad? What is the best way to modify the stock ones. Drill out the baffles? Don't want to mess with the FI at this point. Maybe it's best to save for a full system, power commander (2002?) and K&N filter. Would these mods cost me about $1,500 and give an additional 20hp?
you can tape a 1/2 down the center of the pipes going through 2 baffles. i think that you will be able to find some good little used slip ons. $1,500.00 would be close fro cost. You are about right on the pipes, it depends on what kind, 16-20hp is about average. @0 is mopre like airbox PCII dyno.