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Ok everyone. I need some prayers said for Dominique Smith. Dominique is a friend of my niece. She was in a car accident in NC somewhere near the Greensboro area. Some idiot ran a stoplight and T-boned her car. She has been in a coma since the accident. Yesterday, doctors did surgery to remove part of her scalp to relieve pressure on the brain caused by brain swelling. Please say prayers for her recovery. My niece hasn't left the Dominique's side since Friday. She's there with her friend's mom. Dominique's dad is in MD on manuvers with the military and hasn't been able to get there and they haven't been able to reach her sister. In other words, this poor girl's mom is all alone except having my niece there to be her angel. Please please please pray for Dominique and her family. We need a miracle.

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My prayers go out to the family and friends of this young lady... especially the daddy who can't get home to be with his baby girl... :please: lord watch over them and give them all the strength to make it through this.
Her and her family will be in all our thoughts and prayers. God will look over her and take great care of her to pull through this with a full and speedy recovery. Prayers for you neice also that is being strong and staying by her side.

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