Upside Down on your K8?


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I love my K8, and have no desire to sell or anything. I put 10% down when I purchased, financed the rest with my crediti union. I did some online banking today.

Balance on loan is $7500.00, not that is matters, but I would guess I'm not upside down on the loan anymore?

How bout you?
Mine's not payed for but like you, I'm not upside down with what I owe on it. I feel like I could turn it if I had to and come out on the up side. Hope I don't have to but who knows.


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If SOME people would stop selling the GenII for under 9K I would not be upside down! :moon:
Lost 2,500 on my first 08 Busa after only having it 4 months ( was stolen ). I suggest gap insurance on anything that is 100% financed ( Suzuki 99 bucks a month loan crap ). Sold my Harley and paid cash for my second one. Had to have another Busa... :laugh:

Dr E

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Yeah and what about those mods...they never stop! Paid for mine and then put that much back into it...

Good thing my wife is into bikes!:laugh:

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