Updated!!2006 Prostreet CharleyBUSA..


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Years ago, I sold my 1100 Katana to my brother in law. He rode it around for a couple years and sold it to a guy who only wanted the engine. It had a 1260 kit in it and had been fully blueprinted. Very nice motor.

Anyhoo, the guy was all over it because he wanted to put that motor in a chopper very similar to this. Never heard anything about it after that. I'm sure it's a fast bastage!

(paineless4u @ Oct. 05 2006,05:50) Cough cough....................turbo?
Yes there will be more... ones with turbos, nitrous...and also other engines...Honda, Yamaha, Triumph, Suzuki... But i have to get more of these sold to build more models..

Thanks for all the intrest ppl..

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