Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies


Emerging from slumber...
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Well...a sandwich is a sandwich but a manwich is more like a meal!:laugh:


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If I was having my last meal before facing robots on the battlefield. I wonder what I could eat to give them indigestion???


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I want two! they can mow the lawn and eat the neighbors cats too + protect the house.:laugh:


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I find that a little disturbing.

I would hate to be injured laying on a battle feild and have one of these things decide that I was close enough to dead and start eating me.


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Somehow a quote or two comes to mind.....

"Ill Be Back!"

"Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes"


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would save on body bags I suppose....I'm sure it would piss of everyone in the convention as to war crimes like stated already


I find that a little disturbing.

I would hate to be injured laying on a battle feild and have one of these things decide that I was close enough to dead and start eating me.
I feel you on that bro, but by then soldiers would have microchips the machine would scan to ensure they would not be confused with deceased enemy combatants.


Kind of ironic don't you think? Isn't this how mankind is almost wiped off the planet in all the movies? :whistle: The military goes Hollywood! Someone needs to yank the plug on this before it ends up going bad later. :poke:
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