Unrestricting 2003 models


i am trying to unrestrict my 03 Busa, but they say the TRE does not work on 03. Is this true?
Not sure but I will check. It should work or a least an ATRE should work the same as the 02.
Thanks for your Reply N E. i hope some day soon i can unrestrict my bike.
also if you can give me advice when i can get me a good GPS for the bike
An A-TRE is a special type of TRE that allows you to select the map for each gear that you want. For instance, only remaping the top-end in 6th, or all gears.
Het frisbee, Get a nikko g-pack its a TRE(timing retard eliminator). I have one on my 02 and the restriction is gone.
This is good info for the 02 but what about the 03? Does anyone know if there is a way to eliminate it.
i was told that these things would not work on my 03 busa also. Does anyone know why or if these guys do not know what their talking about.
you can try it out yourself if you wish ( the resistor ), see if it works, Alot of people said the TRE didnt work on the 02's, other people said it did. Someone finally tested it to find out the truth, we just have to wait until someone tests it to be sure.
5 cents for a resistor, 70 dollars for a TRE, 100 dollars for an ATRE

I recommend the resistor options, instead of wasting 70+ on a TRE which WILL probly NOT derestrict the bike. And an ATRE which may or may not work. I cant confirm that any TRE will work because i do know know how the electrical system is on the 03, on an 02 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th gear are known to be restricted, i am unsure of 4th because i have heard it isnt, but not that it is (reason why im making a homemade tre for both 4th and 5th gear).

Look at the wireing diagram in the switchable TRE post in this section, it shows how to wire the switches and the resistors. I listed all of the resistor values on there.

I know on the previous models , and i believe its the same on the 03, you can get your ECU rev-limiter raised.

Last thing, If we all come to find out all the gears are restricted on an 03, the ECU change is the only way i know of to come close to derestricting it. But, you get better performance in the lower gears with a TRE

FatJap: have you dynoed the bike, or used GPS to verify that it is not restricted?
just want to let everyone know that the Nkko G-Pack does not work for 03. they are in the process in making one for the 03 busa.
You can spend a couple thousand and buy the Muzzi or Motec ECM and it is gauranteed to work. Basically $1000 for parts and another $1000 to have someone install and tune it.
I'm confused , Do I need to spend bucks to get a TRE or a 5cent resistor ? How do you install either one ?