Unpaved surface on Busa

So just curious...
Have any of you ridden the Busa on an unplanned or planned extended pass over unpaved roads?
I have had to do it by mistake when I missed a turn in the road and ended up on a new road being cut into the mountains of Southern Bosnia.
All of a sudden, I found myself on a super empty narrowing paved road that became packed gravel and loose gravel and dirt and vegetation debris then back through the steps until I hit the old road being bypassed. Must have been 30 minutes of relatively slow to moderate speed. This in order to keep from overheating in the height of summer...

Been on a few other roads that were indicated as normal thoroughfares on the various maps but instead turned into goat paths zigzagging up some mountainsides. Grass, pine needles, loose rocks, dirt, mud, shallow muddy pools, 12 inch deep rutty scare you into thinking you will get stuck..

But, after all of that, my busa has helped me through it all, without letting me down (literally).


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Yep, have about a half mile stretch of dirt/gravel to navigate before I get to pavement where I'm living now.

Hate it! Every bump and jounce makes me grit my teeth thinking about suspension wear and loosening things and bike getting filthy!


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I went through 20 miles of dirt and gravel roads in the Eureka Springs area before the meet and greet. The Monday after I took the wife and Busawhipped down about a mile of gravel road! I think that was Busawhipped's longest travel off pavment!  
It seems to happen to me too often! I caught a bit of ribbing from both of them!
technically, i've ridden over about 2-3 miles off-road...collectivley.
uhmmm....lets say I enjoy a brisk off-road adventure every now n then, especially when certain individuals are attempting to ah-"question n detain" me...I've ridden thru four yards, one unfinished suburban cul-du-sac with housing developments-and off a small 'ramp' i came upon unexpectedly
; down-n-up a few freeway embankments-because there were no u-turns close enuf; and thru some unfinished tunnel contruction with dirt/rock roads at least 1/4mi. long

so I'd say I'm pretty well-versed at 'off-roading' my Busa...when necessary


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Took the Busa down a just-graded gravel road a couple months ago. I was mostly concerned that I was going to cut the hell outta my tires. The rocks and loose gravel were taking the bike and whipping it back and forth the whole mile and a half. It was a REALLY long drive, I assure you! Hit it about 25 miles an hour going in and was okay.

Coming back out, I hit it about 50 mph and it was a lot better. The bike still didn't have any real traction so it was a good thing I didn't have to turn too much. Didn't make any sudden stops, accel, turns, etc.

Again, checked the tires very carefully when I got back out and they were rashed up pretty good but after riding carefully on the freeway for a about 10 miles and checking it again, the tires seemed okay for the duration.

Off-roading: hafta be careful doing it.



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I go to my parents and have some dirt that I have to run on little sand but ride real slow and am fine, but remember OCT 9 of last year I posted about going down a cleachy road hit a wet area about 15 mph back tire caught a rut and kicked me weird to were I hit throttle she came out from under me I hit ground passenger landed on me 3 breaks in knee 5 mths not riding SUCKED MAJOR AZZ


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I have been down the path at cades cove. We made the entire loop. Even went across two running streams. Dual purpose Busas.........it was fun, we took our sweet time, looking for wildlife.


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Riding on a path or dirt road isn't too much of a problem, clearing a set of triples is a bit of trouble. The whoop section can be a bit sketchy too.


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(Relsek @ Oct. 05 2006,14:42) Yes, and this is the result.
That ain't nothin', I post acouple of pics. when I get home in the morning of the trip to Alaska. Lots of bad road. One 7mi. stretch had 4 in. of mud. Whole bike was gray. We'll love or hate this one. It was like across between motocross and trials, the memories. Was some harleys behind us, couple dumped. opps.


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Now try it at 150! Me and a buddy recently discoverd some brand new pavement in the outback.... VERY few houses and turn offs, flat, strait, you know the drill, so he hammers his ducati, he's maybe 4 car lengths ahead of me, and I pin the throttle and get midway thru 5th at about 170and I see him sit bolt upright and slam the breaks, I quickly look ahead and realize the gravel color coming up matches the pavement almost exactly, we are both shedding off speed madly, but I has more stability goign in as I had seen him and was able to break faster. I hit the gravel maybe doing 60ish and he had hit it a little faster and was fish tailing his rear a lot. We both sort of got off the breaks and naturally slowed on the crappy surface, turned arounded, parked and debriefed about what had happened.

Yes there was a pavement ends sign that flew by him at 150. We wer both very quiet for a long time, mounted up and rode slowly home. We will never speak of the incident again. Generic Target branded 3 pack of men's white boxers was only $11

Gravle sucks!

Don Hardcastle

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I live a mile down a dirt road and ride it every time I ride. No big deal. Just realize there is 100lbs of tq back there.



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Hey guys sorry I couldn't post early. Long day and than trying to figure out how too. Very exciting. a couple of pics.
1st- Going into the Yukon, bikes not bad yet today...



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Oh yea. I enjoy taking her down a dirt or gravel road. I'm not too worried about dings and stuff. In 55,000 miles I get dings from regular road stuff much less the occasional gravel road.


Farther down the same road.



Well not dirt

And of course, watch out for the powered dirt. She's a little heavy to pick up.



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That rocks! This truly IS the EVERYTHING bike! How do you keep the front from washing right out on snow? I've done it before and had my legs extended out to the ground the whole time just to stay upright. Any tips?

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