United Breaks Guitars


Gear good - roadrash bad
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Screw the airlines. They are a rip off.
They no longer care about the passengers. They have turned into flying buses.
Service has gone away. I would rather drive when time allows.


He said he was hoping that 1,000,000 people would view it in a year. He posted it on Monday and hes at 720,000. I think he's gonna make it.:thumbsup:
I don't fly much, but when I do I Fed-Ex my luggage to my destination.
Never been lost or damaged, and usually arrives before me.
Costs more but that is the cost of doing business.
The airlines are useless, and if I could I would Fed -Ex myself to the destination.
Probably more comfortable and pleasant.


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United was interested in the video for training. Now that's funny. I hope their offer was small and he didn't accept it. :whistle:

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