Never heard of them, Welcome to the Board
thanks for the info., exoticsportbikes offer 6 or 7 undertails. now to find out if there's any that you don't have to do a lot of cutting, or any.
anyone used a Freestyle corp., they say there's no cutting. doesn't say anything about turnsignal, can't them, guessing they're integrated. thanks for any and all help
Real question is what are you looking for in the undertail? Easy installation? Minimal cutting? Maintain the stock taillight? Color-matched paint? Lowest cost?
There is experience and opinion. Opinion is not worth a whole lot. If you use the search you'll find lots of recent bad experience with Freestyle corp. Same no-cutting, keep original tailight look from themotorhead at suzukihayabusa.org.
Are there any other undertails that "no cutting" is envolved? The only one I heard of is the one from themotorhead.
Never heard of that brand of undertail. Seems like a lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon with the undertail thing.