Undertail Mods



Hey, I just wanted to post some new pictures of my bike. I have made a few changes and wanted to share them.



Looks great. love the rear blinker setup. IS that a radar detector you have up front and how is that attached?
Thanks to all.

frisbee - the turn signals are the LP Flush Mount V.
dezzy7 - Yes, it is an Escort 7500, with a Legal Speeding Radar Mount.



The tail is stock. I have just cut the mud flap off, sanded it smooth, then mounted the marker lights and repositioned the plate.


What kind of clear tail light lens are you using? With led or standard bulbs? How did you mount the license? Sorry for all the questions, but I like the look and I don't think the cost of dong it all was to much and will probably be doing something similar to my bike.

The rear lens is a Mototek. It actually covers the section that has the red reflector on the stock lens, but it is crystal clear. So, I painted the bottom part of the lens to match the color of the undertail.

The bulbs are LED and are clear, no red on the sides. They are red when on and came with the lens. Just a note, Clearaltertatives are cheeper, are frosted, but come with no bulbs.

For the plate I used a standard inspection tag palte, you know, the one that attaches to your plate and then has the metal for the sticker directly below the palte. Anyway, I turned it upside down, and used the tounge, where the sticker would go, to attached directly to the bottom of the trunk. Because the metal was so thin, I made it thicker by pop riviting another piece to the back of the inspection sticker plate, to keep the license plate from jiggling. I then painted the whole thing semi-flat balck, even the back of the license palte to finish the job.

Hope this helps.