Undertail mods?


Hey I bought my first Busa (an 02) a couple of weeks back and I have been checking online for mods/parts. I've seen a lot of pics online with Busas with either undertail kits or mods. A friend told me he saw an ad for the Texas Faring Homepage and I should get one for my bike.  I went there, liked some of the kits, but they didn't carry anything for the 02. Ninja Eater left a post a while back with links to all of the parts sites he uses, however they had little for the 02 as well.
I guess I really have 2 questions:
1. Who is reputable to go to for undertail kits?
(I've read on some other sites stating that Texas Fairing will rip you off)

2. Is there a decent resource to go to for 02 Busa parts/mods in general?

Thx all,
Delta Green
After researching the boards here the cleanest looking set-up for my 02 was from www.carbotex.com. They also make a nice looking rear fender/chain guard combo. Gonna get the kit from www.flashalert.com to use the brake lights as turn signals. Ill find the post w/photos and get them to you...Good luck
scroll down in this section and take a look at Puck's photos in his post "fender eliminator". I think it looks very nice.
Check out www.competitionwerkes.com, they specialize in undertails and fender eliminators. Not too expensive either, but a nice little project.
This is not my Bike!!! It was a picture sent to me by the guy I bought the undertail from, it belongs too one of his customers.
I bought one in black just like it the price was $329.. painted and shipped.
I like how the bubble brake light is removed and now has a more sharper look to it. The guy is out of Alabama and sells them, he tells me they are from France. Personally I think it is one of the best I have seen, But thats only my opinion...

Talk to you all later,
The company that sells the above undertail is Free Street Design. I ordered that same piece about one week ago.

Below is the email that they sent me when I enquired about that undertail:

Paste start--------------------------------------------

Thank's to visit our website and to appreciate our design.

Painted undertail with signals and lights : $ 219

They are made of black factory plastic.
The paint we have is really good, we take great care about it in order to have the best quality ,
we have all Suzuki factory colors in stock.

The undertail comes with lights, wires this is a full kit you won't have to buy anything else once you have bought the undertail, all you need is provided with the undertail, no bad surprise.

Easy to fit you won't need more than 1h30 to mount it.

Allow us 4 days for painting and 6 days for shipping.
To place an order, you just have to send us a fax with your credit card number or you can phone to our head office :

Phone : 011 336 7363 4312
Fax : 011 331 3931 4273

If you need any other information, feel free to e-mail us.

Have a great day,

Paste end------------------------------------------------

Note: prices are in U.S. dollars, and there is also shipping of $20.00.

I'll keep everyone posted on how this works out...