UHAUL Blinker/Brakelight Setup


Hey if anyone has the the instructions for installing the Uhaul brakelight/stop wiring harnesss to integrate the brake and stop lights on the busa I'ld appreciate if you would post them and a diagram or send them to me PM or email.

Thanks in advance because I know I saw it posted somewhere on the board.
I found it for you using "u-haul" in the search engine under mods from the beginning but I cant find a way to link the URL to you here .
I have tried to integrate Uhaul trailier 3-2 kit to get rid of the blinkers on my bike. Just burned the fuse. Can someone post a chart on how to connect the kit....

I DO NOT advise this. When you think about it all you have to do is take the Turn signal Positive and splice it into the Respective Bulb in the Brake light. And Make the Ground wires common.

BUT You need to intall some 15V Diodes on Each wire so the current from the Blinker does not feed back througgh the Brake and Vice versa. If you need a drawing Let me Know I'll get you one. BUT DO NOT HOOK THEM UP DIRECT!

Have fun