UFO Undetail - New Custom LED Boards

A few years ago before I even bought the undertail, I already knew I wanted my own boards behind it cause IMO it's the best looking undertail as you know the LEDs that come with it suck... and not only that, they look funny cause it's a little bulb in a big housing...

So I made my own, total of 122 red 5mm 20000mcd LEDs. They've worked fine for the past couple years, but for whatever reason (aka bored one day), decided to upgrade. I already had some red 60000mcd 10mm LEDs so I made some new boards and painted them with silver paint so it looked clear when off. I was able to squeeze 30 LEDs in each side. With the new ones, it made it almost 1.5x brighter than the old setup and I wished I'd done 10mm the first time, just looks better. Here's some pics, with the last one begining the 5mm LED boards.












Dear spring....... HURRY!
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Lol one thing's for sure, the 10mm would GREATLY simplify the wiring on back of the boards. I just wish I had the time & room to facilitate makin my own printed circuit boards. Havin just an apartment doesn't help
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Jay Willie

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hey, Del. Like the set up. I have an 'old' style rear LED light assembly. This unit was on the bike when I bought it and it wasn't long before people were telling me they couldn't see my turn signals, especially for left turn. It was then I noticed some of the bulbs weren't working so I took the light apart and found a mess behind the board.

So I want to do a personal up grade and was impressed with the look you've attained with your set up. Especially like the whole bike in the front room kinda thing! :laugh: Anyways could you PM me the source for the board and the lights? Appreciate the help and kudos to your upgrade! Looks berry, berry nice. :thumbsup: :beerchug:

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