Just tossing this one out there for some feed back really;

My back tyer has done 350 Mile and then i got a screw in it, so iv had it taken off and a New one put on, but i really dont want to just toss the old one away. Before you all go in to melt down, NO im not fool enough to get it repaird and put it back on my bike, BUT would it be suitable for a slower or custom bike. If i can get a few ££ back on it, it will make the £171 bill for the new back one a bit less painful.

I thought of offering it to the shop to help them promote there Tyer Insurance (why did i not take it out) on new bikes.

Over to you,,,,,,:thumbsup:


same exact thing happened to me, under 100 miles on a fresh tire. I plugged it myself and have since put over 1000 miles on it. No leaks (knock on wood)



I never plug motorcycle tires. There is far too much at stake. If however, a new tire is financially out of the question, then there may be an alternative. You could Patch it. The difference between a plug and a patch makes total sense to me. A plug goes through all the layers of the tire, and is put in from the outside. The tire flexes against the plug and the air pressure pushes against it. Both of these are what, IMHO, make a plug a bad idea setting you up for a rapid pressure loss from your tire at an extreme lean angle:Looking_anim:
A patch on the other hand is applied to the inside of the tire. It does not go through all the layers of the tire and the air inside the tire actually helps to hold the patch in place.
Just a thought.... ( any tire shop should be able to patch for you, but your dealer might have to get the rubber off the rim to avoid damage to the finish.)
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